We are an international, non-profit organization, and since 2013 we have been helping people living in vulnerable places. Our goal is to promote solidarity and support between people to contribute to the development and welfare of all humans, particularly those most in need both materially and spiritually.

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Are you or a loved one seeking mental health services? Well look no further! Life and Strength has amazing counselors ready to help you through life's hardest challenges.

smiling man standing near green trees
smiling man standing near green trees

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three men and one woman laughing during daytime

Ways to help

  • Spread the word
  • Donations
  • Corporation Partnership/Donations

  • Community Services
  • Help with Clothing Donations
  • Help collect shoes, clothing, toys, school supplies, etc.
  • Spread the word of the bible
  • Donate Art Supplies for Senior Art Group

person standing wearing red shirt
person standing wearing red shirt
Here's what our customers say

I volunteered with Eunice because of my love to help and give back to my community especially the elderly. I went ready to serve, love and share with a group that is often forgotten, overlooked or ignored. Turns out that what kept me Excited, intrigued and wanting more was Eunices ability to teach, lead, extracted emotions and feelings, talents that have been buried. Eunice caused me to go deeper to explore avenues that I would have not considered otherwise. She is definitely not a surface or superficial therapist. The sacrifice of time was more of an investment that has already paid off and gained dividends. She created a safe and peaceful environment where we could explore and share without feeling uncomfortable. Thank you Eunice for a memorable experience!!

Veronica, Chula Vista, CA

“I recommend art therapies with Eunice Santizo, I loved her way of developing the therapy, how she makes us meditate within ourselves, our emotions, how we feel, and how we would like to feel. I did this therapy in the company of my 83-year-old mother and she was also delighted with the therapies with Eunice, my mother is a very reserved person, however with Eunice I participate in all dynamics. Thank you very much Eunice for being part of these art therapies, God bless you."

Jessica, Chula Vista, CA